Our Activities

Creative & Artwork

This section is ready for any international challenge, with our highly experienced employees with their excellent creativity they have managed to design and satisfy any client at any standard and requirement to be just a newspaper Ad, poster and catalogue packaging to simple outdoor activities or exhibition stands.


Having knowledge of 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising has created many contacts on a very high level in executive management for any consultation needed by our client, in sectors of importation, exportation, branding, sells and business development.

Shop Decoration & Exhibitions

Having our own workshops and decorated over 500 shops throughout Iran and participated and won many awards in national and international operated exhibitions this is a strong and very professional with highly educated employees department in Hi Group Plus, and is ready to take any challenge.

Printing Materials

Directly linked with “Creative & Artwork” department we are proud of our executions today.

Samples are available at request.

Media Buying

We call this department the most important department in our office.
We are confident by spending over 150 Million USDs over the past few years in advertising industry we have the best relation with all the existing media owners in Iran and we can provide the best prices from in house contacts for our clients.

Outdoor Advertising

Most probably, the most complicated of all medias in Iran, which needs a great relationship with media owners and highly knowledge of municipality rules and regulations.

With exposing to date over 250’000 m2 of outdoor advertising throughout Iran and being a media owner for many years we can provide the most highly return of spending in this department for our clients.

Commercial Film Production & Broadcasting

Being the first company to sign “1 million USD” contract in 1998 in Islamic Republic of Iran with National broadcasting channels and pioneer of the first foreign brand advertisement in IRIB we broke the barriers of this media in Iran.

Further to this we have kept out magnificent contacts with the heads of IRIB to provide the best services and prices for our clients.

Obviously by spending millions of dollars since 1998 in this media it was necessary to develop an in house production group with latest technology equipment for production of the commercial films.

Shop Signboards Production & Installation

Shop signboard is an important tool for exposure of any brand.

Over 2000 shop signboards for various clients has been executed to date which has forced us to invest in a magnificent workshop near by Tehran to provide punctuality and best prices for executing in anywhere in Iran.


This department is active in Music, Sports, Cultural Activities, Fashion shows and Cinema.
With having the largest cooperation in each leaders of the mentioned industries and by having executed many national events we are confident of providing the highest possible standard event for our clients as an international standard.


We believe in Iran seminar is an important issue for any brand.

This is the best opportunity for exporters and importers to meet their wholesalers and co-dealers under one roof in one night. With great innovations we are happy to say that once a project is approved our clients are treated as our VIP guests and they have nothing to worry. We take care of designing, executions and managing of the ceremony right from start to end of the event.

We have executed in past over 100 seminars in Tehran and Iran provinces. Our highly experienced managers are happy to provide you their services.

Prints (Newspaper & Magazine)

As one of the most popular media in Iran for communication with public and by spending millions of USD in this media be guaranteed to offer the best services and prices one can obtain in this media.


Iranian consumer culture loves receiving gifts for their purchases.

Therefor by correct budgeting and timing we have increased sells for our clients at many promotions organized for their particular products.

It is important to deliver the promise once officially announced and over the years we have organized many of these promotions on monthly or quarterly draw events.